family and friends: I am meeting with the couple who runs the Haiti Gospel Mission next month. They are in need of some things that are either not available in Haiti or is very expensive in Haiti. I am meeting with them while they are visiting in eastern NC so they can save the money from shipping cost and customs costs. Please help if you are able- I can pick up items or meet in town of Pittsboro. Shipping cost $2/per pound and customs can charge whatever they want to on any given day. A basic USED onesie easily costs $8 in Haiti. These people have NOTHING. (Not listed in the pic below, they also need children's clothes. Girls do NOT wear shorts or pants- skirt and dresses ONLY. They clothe the kids that attend their school and church within the mission. Also keep in mind, NO winter clothing- it never drops below 85* in Haiti. Sizes 24 months and up are needed). Here is a list of their most urgent needs. Thank you and God bless. (SCROLL DOWN FOR SUPPLIES)

We are in need of the following supplies: For medical!

Blankets Cotton or Thermal Blankets (Aluminum)
Reading Glasses (Used if used, please indicate prescription)
Feminine Hygiene Products such as Tampons and Sanitary Napkins
Disposable Underwear for Adults (ei. Depends)
Gauze/ Wound Dressing
Eye Pads/ Patches
Bandages (all sizes and uses)
Blood Pressure Monitors
Slings (Arms)
Feeding Tube Attachment/ IV Bags and Medical Tubing
Skin Sanitizer
Diabetes Blood Sugar Indicators and Testing Strips
Urinary Drain Bags
Saline Solution
Calamine Lotion
Case, Pins, Scissors & Forceps
Cough Mixture
Crutches, Adjustable with rubber tips
Detergent, Emulsion
Drinking cups, wax (Lilly type)
Ear Drops (Mineral oil or olive oil)
Ligatures, with needles
Magnesium Sulphate
Milk of Magnesium
Medicine droppers
Mosquito Netting
Medicine glass, graduated
Pencil, indelible
Soap (Preferably Bar Not Liquid)
Tooth Brushes & Toothpaste
Batteries (Any size)
Anti-Biotic Ointment such Neosporin or Equivalent
Alcohol Wipes
Aspirin or Motrin
Cotton Balls
Medical/ First Aid Supplies
Latex Gloves
Ice Paks & Heat PaksPencil, Dermatographic (Skin marking)
Personal Insecticide (Lice)
Petrolatum, Liquid (heavy)
Pins, Safety (assorted)
Plaster of Paris (Rolls)
Salt tablets
Water Filters
Sheets and pillow cases (all sizes, waterproof preferred)
Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
Splints, wooden 18" x 3-1/2"
Thermometer, clinical
Tongue depressors, wood
Vitamins- multi caps, oral liquid, Injectable, infant, child and adult- these are a huge priority.
Infant Formula
Eye solutions and cleanser- antibacterial
Nebulizers, Inhalers
IV supplies- needles, bags of fluid, tubing